about halohalo-group

Halohalo Group is a network which provides livelihood support to people in the Philippines and intercultural activities.


Our mission is to build a community full of warm relationship among people, walking hand in hand.
Share difficulties in half, have a lot more fun!

In 1981, Philippines Experience Tour (PET) was first organized by volunteers at Sophia School of Social Welfare.
On the tour, they visited facilities for social welfare, enjoyed intercultural activities, and homestayed with families in the local area.
Year after year, lots of members, such as students from other school and working people, have come to join PET, after coming back to Japan, they set up support groups.
In 2012, we organized “Halohalo Group Network” intending to enhance our activities in cooperation with each group.
The area we mainly support is Cebu City where we stay on PET.